Third-Hand Smoke | Notes from Dr. Kuhl


We all know what a smoker smells like, and some of you may have even been able to tell that a smoker used a rental care before you. This is third-hand smoke.

What is Third-Hand Smoke?

Third-hand smoke is the residue left behind by smokers that settles on surfaces such as clothing, hair, furniture and even cars.

Research on Third-Hand Smoke:

Researchers from the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program at The University of California obtained RNA samples from non-smokers exposed to third-hand smoke for three-hours and found that it caused an alteration in their gene expressions that are associated with oxidation stress

What is Oxidation Stress?

Oxidation stress causes an increase in free radicals which can cause an increase in tissue damage, which, over time, can lead to cancer.

While a three-hour exposure may be insignificant, a life-long exposure from a shared home, car, etc. with a smoker could have serious consequences for the non-smoker.

Learn More:

To read more about third-hand smoke and specifically its effects on kids, check out this post from John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital: Click Link

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