Technology makes it possible to deliver a higher quality of dental care than ever before, while maximizing patient comfort. Our office thoroughly researches the latest innovations to separate the hype from the reality and bring you what is truly beneficial.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Live on TV, we let you see what we see—the inside of your mouth! You can view your teeth while discussing your treatment options, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Lasers come in a variety of forms and many are utilized in a format that needs no anesthetic. We currently have lasers for cavity detection, gum contouring, elimination of gingival bacteria and treatment of gum disease.

Digital Radiography & Photography

Your photos and x-rays are instantly viewed on a full-size monitor. The images can be enlarged, rotated and computer enhanced with the click of a mouse. We can print copies for you, or email them to other doctors or insurance companies.

Video Goggles

Every treatment room is furnished with flat screen TVs for viewing the Netflix video of your choice, with wireless headphones available. Or you can block everything out with video goggles while receiving your dental care.

Air Abrasion

Because of its unparalleled patient comfort, this is Dr. Kuhl’s favorite technique for fixing cavities. It is a no-shot, no-drill method of removing tooth decay while also increasing the bond strength of any bonded filling material. Air abrasion can help any restoration, such as veneers, fillings or all porcelain crowns, last longer. Children especially are very relieved to have this option for fixing their cavities.

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