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As dentists, we always want you to keep your natural teeth for your entire lifetime. However, no matter how hard we try to prevent tooth loss, sometimes tooth extractions are necessary in order to save your smile.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

One or more of your teeth may need to be extracted for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for tooth extractions include:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Infection or abscess
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Fractured teeth or roots
  • Impacted teeth
  • And more!

What to Expect During Tooth Extractions

Here at Dr. Kuhl Dentistry, we will take all the necessary steps to make you feel as comfortable and at ease during your tooth extraction so you can restore your oral health with no worries. We will provide you with sedative options, carefully monitor your safety and comfort throughout the entire process, and seal the area once the tooth is extracted. Then, following the procedure, we will give you specific instructions so you can have a quick and easy recovery.

Get Tooth Extractions at Dr. Kuhl Dentistry

Say goodbye to dental problems and hello to a fresh, healthy, and beautiful smiles with tooth extractions from Dr. Kuhl Dentistry. Contact our caring and experienced dental team for more information about tooth extractions or to schedule an appointment today. It’s time to experience the “Kuhl” way of dentistry!

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