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No one wants their dental restoration to be obvious. However, when it comes to certain dental restorations, such as dental crowns, bridges, veneers, and more, it can be extremely difficult to match your restoration to the rest of your natural teeth. This not only hinders your appearance but lowers your self-confidence as well. Luckily, here at Dr. Kuhl Dentistry, we are able to guarantee that all of your dental restorations will match your smile thanks to custom shading.

Advantages of Custom Shading

Unlike computerized shade matching that has been proven to be inconsistent, we have a great relationship with our local dental lab and work directly with them to guarantee that you receive the exact shade you desire. As a result, no matter your specific procedure, you will leave our dental office with a precise, consistent, beautiful, and natural dental restoration.

Get Custom Shading at Dr. Kuhl Dentistry

Say goodbye to mismatched teeth and hello to a beautiful, natural-looking smile with custom shading at Dr. Kuhl Dentistry. Contact our caring and experienced dental team for more information about custom shading or to request an appointment today. It’s time to experience the “Kuhl” way of dentistry!

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