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Pain when you bite

Do you have pain when you bite?

We encourage our patients that if they are experiencing any sort of pain when you bite, to come in and see a dentist as soon as possible. Many times, when we see a patient in our Juno Beach office complaining of oral pain, it is typically what we in the Dental industry call Cracked-Tooth Syndrome.

What is Cracked-Tooth Syndrome?

Cracked-tooth syndrome is a common problem for teeth with large fillings in them. Decay and large fillings cause a weakening in the remaining tooth structure over time. A hairline fracture can develop and it is often not visible. Clenching or grinding ones teeth can also cause a stress fracture to develop. Pain on biting is caused “flexing” of the tooth on a microscopic level, stimulating the nerve.


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When the nerve in the cracked tooth is exposed, it makes it possible for the infection to spread and eventually cause an abscess. If the crack goes untreated it will spread and deepen, similar to a crack in glass, and may split the tooth, rendering it hopeless. Fortunately, if this syndrome is treated early the tooth can be restored and the tooth pain eliminated.

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  1. Feeling pain while eating or biting things can be due to weakness in gums, cavities, tooth decay etc. What you have described about cracked tooth was very nice and actually this is a lessor known fact. Thank you very much for providing this post here. If one is experiencing these issues they should consult the dentist immediately.

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