Invisalign in Juno Beach FL | Am I too old for Invisalign?

Am I too old for Invisalign?

Am I too old for Invisalign?

It is a common question we hear in our office or when speaking to family and friends, “Am I too old to get Invisalign?”.

Dr Kuhl has the answer:

The answer is NO! Age in itself is not a barrier for Invisalign treatment, and in our practice, we have noticed our fastest growing Invisalign population is over fifty. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to the following: gum disease, tooth decay, excessive wear and chipping of teeth.

Dental health is a serious matter

We see numerous reasons why older adults are taking their dental health seriously. People are living longer, and they expect to keep their teeth for a lifetime. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, and studies have shown that crowding, of as little as 3 millimeters, can increase one’s risk for gum disease. In United States, gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Research also shows periodontal (gum) disease can contribute to heart disease.


Am I too old for Invisalign?


Why Invisalign over other aligner companies?

We recommend sticking with the brand name Invisalign. They have great warranties that protect the patient’s investment and have, by far, the most money and resources dedicated to research and development. In a fast changing field, Invisalign is always obtaining new patents that keep their quality ahead of the competition. This has translated into the best aligner system that provides a consistent force to move teeth throughout treatment.

Patient Experience

We have had patients using other aligner systems find out through the news media that their brand went out of business. Some of these companies did not even inform the doctors or the patients, they just stopped making the aligners.

Your teeth should not be a DIY project

Other systems are basically a “do it yourself” aligner treatment where you mail in your own impressions. With these systems, we have seen cases where the patient’s teeth were damaged and resulted in thousands of dollars worth of expenses to repair them. Some “DIY” aligners were completely ineffective.

In need of Invisalign in the Juno Beach FL area?

Our experienced team can help! If you are in need of Invisalign in Juno Beach or would like to talk to someone a little more, contact our office today! From routine cleanings to dental implants, and everything in-between, Dr. Mark Kuhl and his team is here for all of your dentistry needs. Contact us for more information!

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