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Implants Juno Beach

Periodontists are specialists that have received training specifically in the placement of dental implants. In our office, our periodontist, Dr. Sani, places Nobel implants. These are the most widely used implant system in the world, which can make any future maintenance issues easier. Dental implants are the ideal way to replace missing teeth as they have the feel and function of natural teeth.

Why replace a missing tooth? Aside from the obvious esthetics, missing teeth cause:

  • A weaker jawbone
  • Drifting of the adjacent teeth
  • Increased stress, wear or fracture of the remaining teeth
  • Inability to chew properly

If you lose a tooth, you needn’t worry. With our team approach to implants, we can restore the strength, function and esthetics of a natural, beautiful smile all in one office!

We offer several dental implant options:



Single tooth implant with a fixed crown

Multiple teeth replacement with a fixed bridge supported by implants

Full-arch replacement These are constructed as porcelain bridges or implant-supported dentures. In both cases, the implants securely replace an entire arch of missing teeth.

Dental implants are used to create long-lasting esthetic too replacement that are custom designed for your specific oral requirements. They enable patients to enjoy the same food as before any tooth loss and with a gorgeous smile.

To arrange a consultation for dental implants Juno Beach, call our office today at 561-627-5552 or request an appointment online.

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