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Where are great dental crows Jupiter FL?

While dental crowns are a dental procedure in their own right, there are several others that could not happen without some form of dental crowns Jupiter FL. Knowing what procedure you need could be the difference between returning your smile to its former glory or having a missing tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the more common uses for crowns. Implants refer to the titanium or ceramic screw that is placed into the jaw bone. After the implant is placed, a crown is attached to it that completely and totally replaces the tooth missing. One big benefit to this process is that if the original crown gets damaged in any way, you can easily replace it with a newer one.

Dental Bridges

Another procedure that uses a form of dental crowns is a dental bridge. A bridge differs from a traditional crown in that it does not replace one tooth but multiple teeth in a single row. This is cheaper and more efficient than dental implants but not necessarily better or more secure. The bridge is applied by your dentist after the two anchor teeth are properly shaved down. After the bridge is inserted onto the teeth, you should have a better-looking smile and better function to your mouth.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are their own procedure in their own right. Typically, crowns are used to repair teeth that suffer from tooth decay, a severe crack, or another issue that requires a complete cap to cover the tooth. They are a popular way to return a tooth to its former glory in both function and appearance. In addition to that, they are often the only way to save a tooth or protect it from infection.

Where are dental crowns Jupiter FL?

Looking for Dental Crowns Jupiter FL?

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