Dental Crowns Juno Beach FL | When Should I Get a Crown?

where can i get dental crowns in juno beach florida ?

Knowing when to get a dental crown can be tricky. Crowns can be used for both practical and cosmetic reasons given how versatile they are. If you are ever in need of dental crowns Juno Beach FL, Mark A. Kuhl DMD can help.

What Exactly is a Crown?


A dental crown is essentially a tooth-shaped cap that can be placed over a damaged tooth to restore the shape, strength, appearance, and size of the tooth. It can be used to repair a damaged tooth, cover up a discolored tooth, or replace a missing tooth. They are strong, usually last a long time, and can greatly improve your smile.

When is a Crown Necessary?

You might want to get a crown if you need to:

  • replace a large filling
  • restore a fractured tooth
  • keep a dental bridge in place
  • enhance a tooth’s appearance
  • help protect a weak tooth

The process of getting a crown isn’t invasive. It typically takes only 30 minutes to an hour and sensitivity wears off within 1-2 weeks. When it is all said and done, your crown will look and function like any of your other teeth.

where can i get dental crowns juno beach fl ?

Are you in need of Dental Crowns Juno Beach FL?

Do you notice extra sensitivity to any of your teeth, have a cracked tooth or notice any discoloration? Give the best Dentist for dental crowns Juno Beach FL a call. Dr. Mark A. Kuhl can fix your smile and show you the “Kuhl” way of dentistry! Contact us today to book an appointment.

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