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Anyone who has ever visited the dentist knows the importance of flossing. However, unfortunately, this crucial step is often skipped during the average patient’s oral hygiene routine. Flossing is not only important to your oral health but your general health as well. Below are three reasons to floss daily. If you are in need of a Dentist in North Palm Beach Gardens, contact our office today!


Flossing Is Imperative to Your Oral Health

If you are making your oral health a priority, but are skipping flossing, you are not doing yourself any favors. In order to avoid long-term oral health and general health issues, make sure to floss at least once a day, preferably before bed.



Flossing is the most effective way to reach stubborn plaque that hides between teeth. If plaque is left for a long period of time, it can spread harmful bacteria that can lead to a variety of dental issues.


The Development of Gingivitis

If you leave flossing out of your dental hygiene routine, you are more susceptible to developing gingivitis. Gingivitis can lead to a variety of serious health issues, such as heart disease, raspatory issues, and diabetes.


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Are You in Need of a Dentist in North Palm Beach Gardens?

Have you neglected your oral hygiene? And are you overdue for a dental exam? Visit the best Dentist in Jupiter FL today. From routine cleanings to dental implants, and everything in-between, Mark A. Kuhl is here for all of your dentistry needs. Contact us today for more information.

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