Dental Crowns in Jupiter Fl | How to Take Care of Your Dental Crown

Where can I get porcelain crowns juno beach?

Dental crowns are an effective solution for a variety of dental issues. Crowns can be used for anything from restoring a weak tooth, to covering a dental implant. However, like most dental restorations, crowns require proper care in order to function properly and have an extensive lifespan. If you are in need of dental crowns in Jupiter FL, contact our office today!


Avoid Certain Foods

After you receive your dental crown, it’s important to avoid certain foods that could potentially damage your crown. You should avoid anything chewy or sticky, these types of foods can pull at your crown and can shorten the crowns lifespan. You should also avoid hard foods like popcorn, ice, and raw vegetables, all these foods can crack or damage your crown.


Mare Oral Hygiene a Priority

In order to keep your dental implants healthy and functioning its crucial to have a proper oral hygiene routine. Your oral hygiene routine should include flossing at least once a day and brush a minimum of twice a day. Make sure to pay extra attention to your crown when brushing and flossing.


Who is the best dentist for Dental Crowns in Jupiter Fl?

Are You Looking for Dental crowns in Jupiter FL?

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